Our History

Our founder, Sandra McCullough, grew up in Santa Monica California and in 1993 she moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico to further her artistic career. Living in Santa Fe helped her to experience tremendous creative growth that she believes was due to the pervasiveness of Art in Santa Fe, as art is everywhere there. Sandra says, “It’s within the tri-cultures that co-exist there, the landscape, the architecture, and the people. Everywhere my eye landed was some wonderful artistic delight.”

In 2003, Sandra returned to California to the ocean, her family and friends. Santa Monica had become too congested for her so she came to Ventura with the help of Mississauga movers. She says about her experience, “I was driving around with a friend who was showing me different areas in Ventura and we drove up Front Street. At one point I got out of the car, walked around and it felt magical to me. Then I turned the corner on Laurel Street and there was a ‘For Rent’ sign on a building. In a heartbeat I saw the vision of an art gallery and studio spaces. ‘Great,’ I thought, ‘I’m glad you didn’t ask me to build an Ark — an Art Gallery I may be able to do. At the time, it was financially impossible, so I told the universe, ‘You want me to this I will – but I will need help. Two days later I was sharing my vision with a friend, and she said, ‘I will loan you the money to start.’’ Thus began Sea Breeze Art Gallery & Studios. The gallery was “born” May 1, 2004. By 2005 we had grown from 5 studio spaces to 14, and we enlarged the Gallery and had a great party.

The artwork of the resident artists reflects the inspired atmosphere here at Sea Breeze. We all experience and create in a very supportive environment. The city of Ventura has shown a great appreciation for fine art and its purchasing capabilities for the creative expression grows. Sea Breeze Art Gallery continues to appreciate all its collectors and supporters.